What's An Angry Seal Plushie?

Toys hold a special place in every kid's heart. They are the only things a kid deems their best friend when all their life requires is eating, sleeping, and, playing. But to think that toys are only for the kids is no longer the actual deal because it was found through research that even pre-teen, teens and adults like to keep their childhood toys just as much as kids. Childhood toys are known to exude a sense of comfort and security for adults making them feel less lonely, anxious, or, depressed. It makes them feel at ease usually when they are in a vulnerable state such as going through a bad time or when they are sleeping. Toys come in so many forms but one of the most famous types of toys that make it through to adulthood for many people is stuffed toys, also known as, squishy plushies.

A plushie is a soft toy that is mostly created as an animal's replica. It is soft, cuddly and, has exaggerated features such as big ears or small nose, etc. For example, the chonky bat which is also based on bats. The approximate number of sales that the U.S. economy earns all alone from the retail sale of the plushies every year is around 1.12 billion dollars as per the information of the year 2019. 

That makes plushies one of the most loved and wanted toys by people despite their age differences. To contribute to a good cause such as donating to non-profit organizations and causes such as COVID-19, the chonky store came up with the idea to make plushies for those who need a cuddle buddy and a best friend and also for those, who might profit from the donations we make every week. A huge sum of the profits the chonky store makes is donated to meaningful causes as we believe in helping people through the money we earn and the plushies we make.  

The Angry Seal Pillow

So to put the plan in action, the chonky store created a plushie that also works as a pillow inspired by Yuki-chan, who is an adorable inhabitant at one of the most famous aquariums in Osaka, Japan called Aquarium Kaiyukan. The aquarium is a main attraction for the tourists and Yuki-chan catches their eye the most. The chonky store had no choice but to recreate the adorable seal whose charms are irresistible.

Since it is impossible to keep a seal as a pet yet everybody loves a cute, squishable, and fluffy seal, the chonky store made the angry seal pillow if you want one too. All you have to do is go to www.thechonkystore.com. You also get to choose the size of the angry seal pillow you want as it is available in 3 sizes on the extreme wishes of our pleased customers. 

Meet Yuki-chan, the angry yet adorable seal: 

Yuki-Chan is known for being the roundest ringed seal of the world. She is capable of pushing her head back in turning into a perfect oval and that is somehow super endearing for people. So much that Yuki-chan gained quite some fame as one of the tourists uploaded a cute picture of her being the usual round ringed seal that she is. Yuki-Chan is not overweight but capable of imitating a perfect circle. Some people even compared her to Manju which is a sweet bun made in Japan. She is super chubby and radiates the best girl energy making everyone want to pet her and play with her. She looks adorable with her little tail and big pokable body.   

Why Do You Need The Angry Seal Pillow:

There are so many reasons to get an angry seal pillow but the only reason you need is just how cute it is. The chonky store bets on its quality that you will not be able to resist the angry seal pillow. Inspired by Yuki-Chan, the angry seal pillow is the replica of the original little seal. It is remarkably detailed with the ring-like texture the original seal has and shows off the perfect round just as Yuki-Chan. The angry seal chonky pillow gives you the same image and feels like the original seal, you cannot help but hug it tightly because it is super huggable. It can also be used as a pillow which you can keep with yourself as you sleep or play with your friends. 

The angry seal pillow has now become a chonky boy that you have always wanted. Not only it gives the best hugs and comfortable cuddles but will also listen to everything exciting you have to tell about your days. It can be by your side if you feel like crying or it can be happy with you and let you squish it whenever you want. The angry seal pillow is the leader of all the chonky plushies as it is the reason why thechonkystore.com came into existence in the first place. 

The angry seal chonky pillow is wiggly and velvety to the touch. It accentuates as your go-to plushie perfectly. Not only can it make the aesthetic of your room better with its calm and soothing gray color but also help put your mind at ease with its fluffiness. It is an iconic plushie that sometimes smiles at you when it is happy but also gets angry at anyone who makes you sad. The angry seal chonky pillow is a perfect reminder that your sad days will always get better as long as you hold onto your ultimate cuddle buddy and hope for the best remaining as optimistic as possible.

If you also want the money you spend to go to a good cause and have always wanted a big fluffy angry pillow plushie, thechonkystore.com is the place for you. The angry seal pillow is the leader of all the chonky plushies that you can find at our online shopping store and choose from our shop if you like any other plushie better such as the chonky bat, the disappointed cat, or chonky angry Shiba plushie. Happy shopping! 

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