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Chonky Appa Plush

Chonky Appa Plush

Chonky Appa Plush

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Introducing the Appa Plush from Avatar 

Your favourite bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Appa is the only known living sky flat-tailed flying bison! Appa Plush with it's warm fluffy body is the only flying bison. 

Biggest bison in the sky! With a size of 50 cm the rugged Appa Plush is the biggest it gets, perfect for cuddling, sleeping, and hugging. 

Approximately 20" L x 8" W x 8" HLevinArt Avatar Last Airbender Appa Plush Toy Soft Stuffed Animals Cattle  and Bat Doll Children Toys, Toys & Games - Amazon Canada

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Diagnosed with anxiety last October, and since this fluffy chonky boi arrived he has definitely helped, so very thankful.

Sarah L

I could literally hug them all day UGH WHY IS HIS FACE SO CUTE. I bought 3 plushies from here so far and I have to say the seal is the cutest..

Angelie S

I have my chonky angery boy sat up on the window to watch outside, he's been waiting patiently trying to spot another angery boy he hasn't found anything yet, i shall keep you all updated while I go back on to chonky site and buy another

Floofy Jess
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