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Lewis The Koala Plush

Lewis The Koala Plush

Lewis The Koala Plush

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You Have The Chance ToĀ GiveĀ Loving KoalasĀ A New Home.

Join our movement. Every plush sold plants a treešŸŒ²

We're on a mission to help preserve koala habitats that have been devastated by recent bushfires in Australia. Deforestation has been a big problem.

Nearly three billionĀ koalas, kangaroos and other native species are estimated to haveĀ been killedĀ or displaced during Australia's devastating wildfires this year and last, according to a new report funded by WWF-Australia.


MeetĀ LewisĀ theĀ Koala! LewisĀ is in memory of a koala who sadly passed away last year due to Australian wildfires. We need to remember LewisĀ forever and the impact that wildfires do to these innocentĀ animals.

All orders today receiveĀ expressĀ worldwide shippingĀ toĀ celebrate the positive global impact we are making, as humans.


We Need To Make A Change.

WARNING: Some of the photos in this section might be upsetting to some readers. Animals in distress are shown in the images.

Australia's bushfires: the ones that got away | News | The Sunday Times

Here Is How YOU Can Help!

We will plant one tree on your behalf in one of Australia's most affected regions if you buy Lewis from us!Ā šŸŒ²

We plant a wide range of Australian tree species, with a strong focus on Eucalyptus. The main source of food for koalas is eucalyptus leaves, which are essential for their survival.

Your charitable contributions can make aĀ big impact and prevent stories like Lewis' from happening ever again.Ā 


āœ“ These animals are alone... Countless animals, including koalas, have lost their families - mothers, husbands, and siblings. They are now on their own in a devastated wilderness, where they will almost certainly perish.

āœ“ What can one tree do? That's an excellent question! Hundreds of animals depend on a single tree for food, shelter, and water. All of them are on the brink of extinction. Planting only one tree will help to preserve their habitat and save these endangered species from extinction.

āœ“Ā Raises Awareness.Ā On this problem, we need as many eyes as possible. If we don't act now to stop deforestation, it will have a significant impact on our future.

āœ“ 1 TREE is planted in a country that urgently needs it.Ā We plant in a variety of countries around the world, including Australia. This provides a significant contribution to the global reforestation effort.

āœ“ What do I get?Ā  You'll get Lewis the Koala and a digital certificate confirming your tree's planting. From time to time, we will also provide you with photographs and information given by our reforestation partners.

Our Guarantee

We will plant a tree on your behalf when you order this item. As a symbol of your generosity, you will receive a digital planting certificate.

    Help Restore Their HabitatĀ 

    Australia, one of our main focuses, has some of the most majestic and rich forests on the planet. About two-thirds of the country is covered in forests. In areas that have been affected the most, we plant native tree species. Help support us in restoring these habitats.

    Australian Bushfires: The Inconvenient Facts You Need To Know | Koala,  Australian wildlife, Koalas

    How do I know when my tree is planted?

    Following the completion of your order, you will receive an email from us expressing our heartfelt thanks. You will then receive an electronic "Adopted a Tree" certificate! We also keep you up to date on the condition of your trees, thanks to our reforestation partners.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity. Today, we need your support.

    šŸ’¬ "Our global footprint is the reason behind tragic incidents, it feels relieving to know we can help make a change sitting at home. I love my Lewis plush!" Ā -Ā Dora Y, USA

    šŸ’¬ "You begin to feel awful at the thought human ignition is to blame for almost all wildfires. I'm extremely grateful Wildlife Growth is helping us make a change with these adorable koala's and bracelets."Ā Ā  -Ā JennyĀ T, USA


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    Diagnosed with anxiety last October, and since this fluffy chonky boi arrived he has definitely helped, so very thankful.

    Sarah L

    I could literally hug them all day UGH WHY IS HIS FACE SO CUTE. I bought 3 plushies from here so far and I have to say the seal is the cutest..

    Angelie S

    I have my chonky angery boy sat up on the window to watch outside, he's been waiting patiently trying to spot another angery boy he hasn't found anything yet, i shall keep you all updated while I go back on to chonky site and buy another

    Floofy Jess
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